Rapid deployment CCTV tower system


A CCTV camera tower system named Redcop was designed for temporary security requirements where a solution needs to be rapidly deployed on a site. A PTZ (Pan Tilt and Zoom) CCTV camera needed to be mounted on a 6m tower with the ability to fit a variety of additional equipment such as fixed cameras, speakers, antennas etc. that the site may require.


Providing a cost effective easy to erect tower was central to the concept. Careful design study and analysis established that a 6m telescopic tower could be fully setup while horizontal for easy access and then erected with a hand pumped hydraulic cylinder and control system. The hydraulic system incorporated directional control and check valve to ensure safe mast raising and lowering. Raising the whole assembled tower avoided installers having to climb the and all the safety issues surrounding it. Stability was provided by outriggers that slide into the chassis for transit. Removable wheel axle, fork lift channels and a lifting eye on the folded mast provided means of handling. With everything on-board in its maximum configuration, the product weighed 500kg.

Locking cabinets were designed into the base to house the electronics, batteries and hydraulics. The whole system packed up so it could be put on a double pallet, trailer or loaded onto a lorry via a tail lift.

This product was mostly designed for and manufactured from laser cut, folded and fabricated steel components as a very cost efficient route to producing a product with no dedicated tooling. Development, prototyping and production were achieved very quickly.


Commercially, Redcop was primarily for rental from a fleet created to service demand with units for sale as an option.

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