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Product design is used to pull together all elements that comprise a product, from its initial specification to form an aesthetically pleasing item or piece of equipment. Brainstorming and design studies with close customer interaction generate these elegant solutions. Many of these skills are applied in our work, ranging from product enclosures, CCTV cameras to large steel structures. All these, however large or small, have been products requiring a wide range of product, component and design experience.

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We integrate industrial design as part of our inter-disciplinary mix with engineering product design. People relate to the man-machine interface via a products’ aesthetics and tactile qualities. Quality of life is improved by having products that not only work and do their job well but are also good to look at and touch. Industrial design merges engineering and art to the mutual benefit of user and manufacturer. This is one of the more obviously artisticallyIndustrial Product Design Service Hampshire, Sussex & UK creative areas of design and one a wide audience can relate to – it is also where art and engineering meet. The customer gets to see the result of this graphically throughout a project. It starts with a design study where not only the aesthetics are explored, but also how the design works as a whole. We work with our customers to execute design solutions towards problems of form, usability, user ergonomics, engineering, marketing, brand development and sales.

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