Yacht mast display

Yatch Mast DisplayA gap in Brookes & Gatehouse's mast display product range created the need for this unit. Design was based on the existing range style and concept. A custom LCD was designed along with all the graphics, screen detail and manufacturing data.

Plastic injection moulded components formed the product front bezel and LCD support. These were proven out prior to tooling by Rapid Prototype SLA (Steriolithography assembly) components. Toughened glass was used for the screen window and bonded in place with a novel adhesive to ensure isolation from differences in material expansion coefficients and still maintain a water tight and robust seal. A deep drawn aluminium alloy pressing formed the rear incorporating various environmental connectors. Sealing of front and rear used an elastomer extrusion seal cut and bonded to form a ring. Apart from screw fixing the LCD and backlight diffuser, the whole unit assembled with spring clip features designed into the plastic injection moulded components with the seal also providing a natural spring.