3D CAD design & simulation. Design is checked for interface with the real world by simulation. We use 3D computer models to confirm form, fit, function and aesthetics or analysis of a particular function such as deflection or stress. SolidWorks with Cosmos is our main CAD system for design and simulation. It is central to the design process with data feeding into and out of the CAD system.

Throughout the project we can email you 3D viewing files so you can give feedback and see progress. These allow you to view and manipulate our work on a standard computer and perform measurements, rotates, pan, zoom, sections, explodes etc. all in full colour 3D. All items that go to make a product are defined at this stage along with their materials and processes. Suppliers are engaged as early as possible for mutual benefit, aid understanding and to address design and manufacturing issues at a point when changes are easy and cost efficient.