how we work

Hemisphere plastic moulding

We offer up to one hour free with all new prospective business. A flexible working arrangement can be to a fixed budget, by the hour, day or to an agreed schedule and quotation.

Our design is a creative process involving collaboration, ingenuity, skill, lateral thought and experience. Keep It Simple is our aim wherever possible throughout our business and work. Best design often comes from this approach, a simple solution to a complex or difficult problem is an exciting and rewarding challenge.

Your Intellectual Property rights (IP) are important to us and we work to protect and respect them. We ensure there is a Non-Disclosure agreement in place before any project detail is discussed. Our standard contract is also drafted to further protect your IP.

We work closely with our customers throughout a project to tackle the challenges of development and production. A lot of focused effort is put in early as this pays dividends in minimising problems at the project's end. During the early or concept stages, it is vital to ensure requirements are well thought through and reviewed as significant cost and problems can be designed in at this stage. Our early involvement in a project is key so our experience can be used to best effect. We provide a flexible and systematic approach with work broken down into logical stages keeping you regularly informed on progress. This may be in the form of conventional meetings/reviews, teleconferences with internet online meetings, emails etc. as required.

Distance, travel and time are often challenges when trying to get a united understanding on a hot topic during development or production. We use internet online meetings for viewing via your own computer screen with teleconferencing to bring understanding together in a clear and concise way. While this does not replace a face-to-face meeting, it is a valuable time and cost saving tool.

We find the workflow of many projects tends to follow an 8 key stage pattern with development feedback loops.

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